While there are many noble causes and many areas of need in this world, the primary destination of our income will be educationally-directed organizations. In our estimation, the wasting of a mind is among the greatest of human tragedies. Too many people do not have access to educational opportunities which limit future contributions to their families and to their communities. To help strengthen individuals, families, communities, and ultimately our country for the future, we help at-risk, underrepresented, and otherwise disadvantaged students to improve their academic performance, graduate from high school, and be successful in their post-secondary schooling to become contributing citizens wherever they may live.


The Charity Way L3C creates and partners with existing companies to produce income streams for charitable ventures and other non-profit organizations. We are motivated by the guiding principle that we are all our brothers' keepers and that we are all linked through divine parentage. As such, we invite all who feel similarly to partner with us for the betterment of mankind.